Thamnophis postremus

Scientific name:
Thamnophis postremus

Dutch name:
Tepalcatepec Valley kousebandslang

English name:
Tepalcatepec Valley garter snake

German name:
Mexikanische Tiefland-Strumpfbandnatter


The Tepalcatepec valley in Michoacán, Mexico and the south-west of Lake Chapala.
(Maybe also east of this valley in the Balsas Basin in Guerrero).

Tropical lowland areas that are fairly dry. They were found there, including in forests and in areas with a lot of bushes. Waters which dry up they seem to avoid, even though there are reproducing frogs living there.

Fish and amphibians.

Little data is available. A female gave birth to 25 young (June 20), which had a length of about 17-18 cm.

No data available.

This species is on average about 50 cm long with a maximum of about 60 cm.
Occurs at altitudes between 250 and 1067 meters.

Was originally described as Thamnophis cyrtopsis postremusSMITH 1942.
A few years later as Thamnophis eques postremus SCHMIDT 1947.
Since a few years they are named Thamnophis postremus Rossman et al 1996.


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