Thamnophis mendax

Scientific name:
Thamnophis mendax

Dutch name:
Mexicaanse bergkousebandslang

English name:
Tamaulipan montane garter snake

German name:
Mexikanische Berg-Strumpfbandnatter


Endemic to the Sierra Madre Oriental in eastern Mexico. The habitat is limited to Racho Cielo and Sierra de San Carlos in south-western Tamaulipas. Both locations can include isolated populations since there is lowland between those two areas.

Mostly humid coniferous forests in the lower parts of the range and at higher elevations in the cloud forests. In this humid climate they found them sometimes along paths in the woods, but especially under rocks, stumps, agave leaves and other ground covers.
They do not seem to be very dependent on water.

Two specimen are known to eat salamanders of the genus pseudoeurycea.
Other amphibians also seem to be on the menu.

No data available.

No data available.

Of this species are only 14 specimen known. The largest was 71 cm long.
Occurs at altitudes between 1000 and 1600 meters.
Is the second rarest garter snake species.
Some scientists consider this snake is a “sister species” of T. sumichrasti.

Is present on the IUCN List Of Threatened Species as being Threatened! This is caused by habitat destruction and defragmentation, mainly by livestock activities. The animals do not wander between the fragmented locations.

I have not been able to find pictures of this species…


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