Thamnophis fulvus

Scientific name:
Thamnophis fulvusfulvus

Dutch name:
Guatemala kousebandslang

English name:
Guatemala Garter Snake/Mesoamerican Highlands Garter Snake

German name:


Pictures of Thamnophis fulvus…

In Mexico, from Central Chiapas through southern Guatemala into south-western Honduras and the adjacent area in El Salvador.

Especially in mixed forests in the highlands, but also bush-steppes and grasslands.
Prefers areas with ditches, streams, lakes and other waters.
Klik hier voor foto’s van het leefgebied van Thamnophis fulvus.

Mainly feeds itself with amphibians, but also eats fish.

No data available from their reproduction in the wild

A medium-sized terrarium is big enough for this species. When you keep more than two specimen in a terrarium, I would recommend a terrarium from 100 – 120 cm by 50 x 50 cm.
Big water basin is desirable, given their preference for areas with water. Especially during the warmer months they like to bathe for longer periods. The 5 adult ones I kept could often be observed lying in the water bowl.
They are not strong climbers, but they can do this.
As food they accept live or dead fish, fish fillets and earthworms. In literature it says that they refuse to eat mice/rodents. My five adult animals every now get a nest mouse that is placed between the pieces of fish. They often eat the mice first. The many young ones that were born here the last years also ate pinkies without problems.
In captivity their reproduction is frequently successful. Up to 25 young per litter. The females are quite long gravid, from 151 to 175 days.
One female delivered 13 young in the month October after she had not eaten for three months.
The young were between 22 and 27 cm long at birth.
The young ones that were born here were all about the same size as the young of other garter snake species.

Average length between 50 and 60 cm. Record length is 65 cm.
Occurs at altitudes between 1400 and 3350 meters.


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