Thamnophis brachystoma

Scientific name:
Thamnophis brachystomabrachystoma

Dutch name:

English name:
Shorthead Garter Snake

German name:


Pictures of Thamnophis brachystoma…

North-westernPensylvania and south-western New York. There are also some introduced populations, amongst others in the neighbourhood of Pittsburg, Ohio.

Occurs mainly in open areas such as rocky areas, pastures and meadows. Within these areas, they generally live near water. They usually avoid densely vegetated areas and forests.

Mainly earthworms, but sometimes also other invertebrates such as snails.

Between late July and September 4 to 15 young per litter are born. They are about 10 cm long at birth.

This small species is not often kept in a terrarium. A small terrarium is normally big enough for 2 or 3 specimen. Some hiding places and a small water bowl are necessary. Also, it seems to me it will be pleasant for the animals when they have a soil substrate in which they can dig.

Average length between 35 and 50 cm. Record length was 55.9 cm. Occurs at altitudes between 274 and 732 m. It has a relatively hidden lifestyle and is usually found under rocks or similar.
This is a food specialist who usually only wants to eat earthworms. Given the origin of this species a winter rest of three to four months is recommended.


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