Copyright: Joe Peck, USA

Pictures of several Thamnophis-morphs…


To begin with, I think, in general, the “normal” coloured and patterned garter snakes are the most beautiful. But some of the in the wild appearing deviations are great to see, for example melanistic, flame, silver and granite. I am personally not a big fancier of the “pale” garter snakes like snow and albino. But they also have some kind of charm…

Even so, I will show here all kinds of morphs whether or not artificially “created” As they belong¬† in the world of garter snakes nowadays. The genetic theory behind all of this is not something I know a lot of and I will not write about this here.

If you want to explain some basics about genetics in garter snakes or you want to share some pictures of garter snake morphs, feel free to contact me


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