Thamnophis rufipunctatus

Scientific name:
Thamnophis rufipunctatusrufipunctatus

Dutch name:

English name:
Narrow Headed Garter Snake

German name:
Rotpunkt-Strumpfbandnatter/Schmallköpfige Strumpfbandnatter


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Two mutually separated populations. One in Arizona and south-western New Mexico (USA) and one in northern Chihuahua and Durango in Mexico.

Typical inhabitant of mountain areas. Is primarily found on the edges of forests and other vegetation, but in the near of fast flowing clear streams, lakes etc. The presence of stones where they can crawl underneath are important for their appearance.

Feeds almost exclusively on aquatic animals such as fish, frogs, tadpoles, salamanders and aquatic invertebrates.

The 8 t0 18 young are born between June and August.  They are clearly lighter than the adult animals and are ventrally cream coloured.

About this species terrarium experiences are hardly known. A large terrarium with a large portion of water and different shelters seems obvious. Is considered a difficult species to keep in captivity. Especially the feeding does not seem to go easily always. Live fish in a shallow dish or live frogs would work the best. A brumation of 2 to 3 months is recommended.

Length 45 to 95 cm. They occur at altitudes between 700 and 2500 m. Probably the most water-loving Thamnophis species. Seems to be a intermediate form between Thamnophis and Nerodia. Very shy species.


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